Queen Solenoid Valves MA-P10(15)

Model No: MA-P10(15)
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Features Specifications: Queen Solenoid Valves MA-P10(15)


1. Pilot  Operated,  high  flow  rate  and  low  electric  power  consumption  only  5  watts.

2. Suitable  for  Air,  Inert  gases,  Water,  Kerosene  oil,  Light  oil(Below  50  cst).

3. Operating  pressure  range  from  0.1  kgf/cm² ~  16  kgf/cm²,  quick  acting,  durable  usage.

4. Piping  is  simple  and  convenient,  applicable  to  the  upright  pipe  or  a  horizontal  pipe connected  unrestricted.

Queen Solenoid Valves  MA-P10(15)

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