Queen Motor Valves MK3

Model No: MK3
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Features Specifications: Queen Motor Valves MK3


1.Two power cords wiring . ( Same wiring sketch as Solenoid Valve ).

2.MK3 Actuator are fit for assembling with 2 way or 3 way ball valves.

3.MK3 Actuator can set it as emergence shut-off ( power on to open ) or set it as emergence open ( power off to close ).

4.MK3 are suit to pressure range from 0 ~ 10 kg*f/cm².

5.Acting time 2.5 seconds from close position to open position , vice versa.

6.Power failure or electric outage , MK3 are available for manual operation.

7.With water proof dust proof aluminum housing.

Queen Motor Valves MK3

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