Push Button Switch

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Features Specifications: Push Button Switch



1.         Precise and sophisticated design, user-friendly into application.

2.         Workable stacking contact block, easy to install and disassembly.

3.         Smart mounting ring design, can connect Φ22mm switchable to Φ30mm diameter.

4.         Several push button type options, can completely fulfill your needs.

5.         Several emergency stop of push button options.

6.         Several positional removable options.

7.         Several control box options.

8.         Compliance to UL approval.



1.         Standards:      EN60947-5-1, UL508

2.         Approvals:      UL, and CE marked

3.         Utilization Category:       AC15 A600

4.         Min Current:   5V, 5mA, DC

5.         Thermal Current (lth):    10A

6.         Rated Insulation Voltage:       600V AC

7.         Insulation Resistance:    100MΩ min. (DC 500V)

8.         Contact Resistance: 50mΩ max. (Initial)

9.         Shock Resistance:   500 m/s²

10.     Max Switching Frequency:     1800 operation per hour

11.     Mech. Life Expectancy:   1 x 107 Cycle min

12.     Electrically Life Expectancy:    100,000 Cycle min

13.     Vibration:        IEC 68-2-6, 10-55Hz±1 Hz, Excursion: 0.35mm, 1 octave/min

14.     Screw Torque: 0.8N-m for five seconds without any fracture

15.     Tightening Torque: 2.5N-m for one min. without any fracture

Push Button Switch

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