guillotine knives

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 When you get to the Dumb guillotine knives, there are similar alternate techniques. For the Hammer Throw the game makes it look like you should swipe in a circle. However, if you swipe in a long oval (to match the size of the screen) you’ll be far more successful. Also, with the shoelace tie, you don’t have to swipe in an exact figure-8 pattern in order to tie the lace. As long as the dotted lines are covered, you can do it however you want.

With the lightning pole vault, when you start Paper Converting Knives, you have to tap earlier in order to stop the bar in the middle. Tap when it’s still slightly in the red but almost to the orange, and when it stops it will be in the orange. For the 3 Tonne Clean and Jerk, tilt the phone in small movements rather than Clipper Knife so you don’t accidentally set the weight toppling over.

guillotine knives

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