Tribulus terrestris saponins Fructus tribuli for Improve Sexual Ability

Model No: CAS: 90131-68-3
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HZ
Packaging: Foil bags/ disguised package
Minimum Order: 10grams
Supply Ability: 5000kg/month
Quality/Safety Certification: ISO9001
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Features Specifications: Tribulus terrestris saponins Fructus tribuli for Improve Sexual Ability

Tribulus terrestris
Name:Tribulus terrestris, ext. 
CAS Registry Number:90131-68-3
Synonyms:Tribulus terrestris P.E.; Natural Tribulus Terrestris Herbal Medicine; 
Appearance: yellow brown powder
standard:Enterprise standard
Tribulus Terrestris, Ext. CAS Registry Number: 90131-68-3

Pharmacological effects

1. The role of the cardiovascular system
Anti-atherosclerosis and anti-platelet aggregation: The crude extract of stem and leaf of Tribulus terrestris has a vagal nerve effect on the cardiovascular system of cats and rabbits, which enhances myocardial contractility, slows down heart rate, dilates coronary vessels and peripheral blood vessels, Pressure effect.
Cholesterol reduction: Tribulus terrestris extract can significantly reduce experimental hypercholesterolemia cholesterol levels, inhibition of arteries, myocardium and liver lipid deposition.
Blood pressure lowering: Tribulus terrestris aqueous extract, ethanol and water extract of 30% ethanol leaching solution to anesthetized animals have antihypertensive effect. Some of its alkaloids have no effect on blood pressure in dogs, but can inhibit the frog heart, water-soluble part of a moderate antihypertensive effect.
Anti-myocardial ischemia: saponin still has obvious anti-ischemic effect.
Cardioprotection: Tribulus terrestris extract can significantly reduce the myocardial mitochondrial damage induced by ADR, and has a protective effect on ADR cardiotoxicity.
2. Strong and anti-aging effect
Tribulus terrestris extract on mice suffered high temperature, hypothermia, hypoxia and swimming stress stimulation have significant protective effect. And can significantly reduce the adrenal VC content, but also inhibit the high dose of hydrocortisone-induced "depletion" phenomenon, the ACTH-induced decrease in VC content play a protective role. Excision of bilateral adrenal mice, its hypoxia-tolerant role no longer reproducible. These effects may be related to adrenal function.
3. Anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue effect
Tribulus terrestris extract on the xylene-induced mouse ear swelling significantly inhibited the prolonged hypoxia in mice survival time and load conditions in mice swimming time compared with the control group were significantly different. Conclusion Tribulus terrestris extract has certain anti-inflammatory, hypoxia-tolerant and anti-fatigue effects. Extract can prolong the exhaustive exercise time of endurance exercise rats.
4. Sexual strong effect
Tribulus terrestris extract by oral administration of rats, can significantly stimulate sperm formation, excitement of the activity of Satoric cells, increase libido. Tribestan, another new preparation extracted from the crude extract of Tribulus terrestris, can significantly stimulate sperm formation in male rats and excite Sertolicell activity and increase libido. Female rats can stimulate estrus, Improve fertility.
5. diuretic effect
Tribulus terrestris is used as a diuretic in Indian folk. In saline-loaded rats, diuresis was less than ideal, and the diuretic effects of its ash water extract and plant decoction.
6. other role
Tribulus terrestris alkaloids and water soluble part can inhibit the small intestine of rats, showing antagonism with acetylcholine. Plant extract can inhibit Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli growth. Resveratrol alcohol extract on the duodenum of rabbits have a relaxation effect.


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Tribulus terrestris saponins Fructus tribuli for Improve Sexual Ability

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