Plant Extracts Tongkat Ali for Male Sex Enhancement

Model No: Tongkat Ali
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: HZ
Packaging: Foil bags / disguised package
Minimum Order: 10grams
Supply Ability: 5000kg/Month
Quality/Safety Certification: ISO9001
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Features Specifications: Plant Extracts Tongkat Ali for Male Sex Enhancement

Plant Extract Tongkat Ali extract is a plant water extract or extract of Tongkat Ali, the main active ingredient is diterpene and alkaloid. With anti-cancer, anti-malaria, improve male sexual dysfunction and so on.

Chemical constituents Chemical constituents isolated from different organs of Tongkat ali are dominated by quassinoid skeletons of diterpenes and canthin-6-one alkaloids such as eurycomaoside, eurycolactone, eurycomalactone, eurycomanone and pasakbumin-B. In addition, also contains biphenyl lignin, squalene derivatives.
Mainly based on quassinoid skeleton diterpenoid mostly by triterpenoid degradation pathway synthesis, found in the roots and leaves. Bitter woodycins lonilactone, 6-dehydrolonilactone, 11-dehydroklaineanone, 12-epi-dehydroklaineanone, 15β-hydroxyklaineanone, 14,15β- dihydroxylalalinanone, 15- β-O-acetyl-14-hydroxyklaineanone, Cancer and anti-parasitic effects. The four kinds of bitter woody root: pasakbumin-A, pasakbumin-B, pasakbumin-C and pasakbumin-D, which pasakbumin-A (eurycomanone) and pasakbumin-B has anti-ulcer effect. Glycyrrhizin type triterpene compounds: 23,24,25-trihydroxytirucall-7-en-3,6-dione and the like.


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Plant Extracts Tongkat Ali for Male Sex Enhancement

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