Isoamyl cinnamate

Model No: NMK026
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Features Specifications: Isoamyl cinnamate

 Isoamyl cinnamate

CAS No.: 7779-65-9

Purity : 99%+

Packaging : 200kg blue barrel

Storage method: dry and cold

Usage :

It can be used in honey, floral, berry and other flavors, as well as in the preparation of edible flavors and daily flavors.

It can be used for beauty. Tyrosinase is a key enzyme for melanin synthesis. It initiates a cascade reaction from tyrosine to melanin biopolymer. Cinnamic acid can inhibit the formation of tyrosinase and has a certain isolation from ultraviolet It can make brown spots lighter and even disappear. It is one of the essential ingredients in advanced sunscreen. The significant antioxidant effect of cinnamic acid is very effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Cinnamic acid also has a good aroma-preserving effect. It is usually used as a raw material for fragrance and is used as a fixative in daily fragrance.

Cinnamic acid has the effect of promoting peristalsis of the intestine, accelerating digestion, and accelerating fat burning. lose weight.


Isoamyl cinnamate

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