Snap Action Switch - VAQ Series

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Features Specifications: Snap Action Switch - VAQ Series



1.         Auxiliary Actuators for type VS and VT Micro Switches

2.         Metal and Plastic material are both available.

3.         Many options of the button are available.

4.         Easy to install.



1.         Rating:     10A 125VAC /15 250VAC UL1054

2.         Contact Resistance: 50mΩ max. (initial)

3.         Dielectric Strength: AC 500V (50/60Hz for 1 minute)

4.         Insulation Resistance:    100MΩ min (at 500 VDC)

5.         Electrically Life:       100,000 operations min.

6.         Mechanically Life:   1,000,000 operations min.

Snap Action Switch - VAQ Series

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