Sensors - K MARK Series

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Features Specifications: Sensors - K MARK Series


Feature:  The sensors can accurately detect colors by light source, be able to detect subtle color difference.

Used application: Vertical packaging machine, horizontal packaging machine, bag making machine, slitting machine, printing machine.



1.         Item:        Standard

2.         Operating Voltage:  12-30 VDC

3.         Sensing Distance:    8mm or 12mm ± 10%,Selectable

4.         Current Consumption:   40mA

5.         Power on Reset Time:     20ms

6.         Response Time:      0.25mS for KH Series

7.         1mS for KS Series

8.         Circuit Protection:  Output short circuit.

9.         Reverse polarity of supply voltage.

10.     Max. Load Current: 120mA

11.     Sealing:   Conforming to IP65 (IEC).

12.     Cable Length:  2 meter.

13.     Extraneous Light: Sunlight      100,000 LUX.

14.     Extraneous Light: Lamplight   10,000 LUX.

15.     Output Indicator:    Two output terminals sel ectable for Light-on and Dark-on.

16.     Light Source:   Red LED, Blue LED, White LED, Green LED

Sensors - K MARK Series

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