Water Pump PSC Motor

Model No: SYC8216
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Features Specifications: Water Pump PSC Motor


Description:  Permanent Split Capacitor Motor 

Phase:     Single

Voltage:   100V 110V 115V 120V 220V 230V

Frequency:      50/60HZ

Out Power:      30W

Type of bearing:      Ball bearing

Protection:      Thermal cutoffs or Automatic reset thermal protector

Rotation: CW. or CCW.

Speed:     3500rpm


We are a water pump motor supplier. We provide best electric water motor of world. PSC motors use a capacitor (a device that can store and release charge) in one winding to increase the current lag between the two windings. During the entire motor operation, the capacitor winding and the main winding will remain in the circuit, so it can also be called "permanent".

Water Pump PSC Motor

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