Heavy duty moving skates text

Model No: 55688
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: FINER
Minimum Order: 1
Supply Ability: 6000
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Features Specifications: Heavy duty moving skates text


Since the machinery skates was built, some moving work can be made easier and the working time can be shortened.

Machinery rollers can be said to be a kind of cart, but machinery dolly more special than the ordinary seen cart.

Machinery dollies has a large capacity, mainly used to move large machinery.

The moving principle of the machine moving equipment is to reduce the friction force through the rotation of the wheel, with the help of inertia to complete the movement.

Our transport dollies has many styles,which are mainly distinguished according to the shape of the transporting machines and the wheel.

In many areas of production, moving roller skates are an essential tool.

Some moving companies also choose different equipment roller kit to help with the work.

For more information about our products, including price list of the machinery skates, pictures of the heavy duty moving skates, video of the machinery moving skates, instructions of the machinery moving rollers, export freight and other details, please contact us.We will provide the best service and the most detailed product information.We look forward to our pleasant cooperation

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Heavy duty moving skates text

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