Modular air moving skates advantages

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Features Specifications: Modular air moving skates advantages

 air bearing caster also known as air skate, air bearing kit, air rigging system, air bearing mover and so on names. air bearing system normally used in sets of four or six modules, easy move heavy load friction freely.

air bearing caster via compressed air as power source. Moving your heavy duty equipment flexible and more maneuver.  60T air bearing casters, six air modular air casters 60T

Air bearing and caster via compressed air as power, then can move heavy equipment easily. Air moving skate can let the load float on the film of air, virtually friction freely. So, it is very flexible to relocation or move your devices.

Air bearing casters can move heavy duty objects where cranes can not reach, and will no mark on the floor, will no point load on the floor.

Regarding how to use the air skate, and what area can be used this air bearing and casters, or the air skates price list , please feel free contact with us. We will do our best to get your satisfaction.  Air bearing casters

air bearing casters instruction and applications

air load moving system features

air load rigging system instruction

More information please kindly feel free contact us. professionally service hope will get your satisfaction.

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Modular air moving skates advantages

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