MZX-BG-LED fluorescence illuminator

Model No: MZX-BG-LED
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: MSHOT
Packaging: BOX
Minimum Order: 1
Supply Ability: 1000
Quality/Safety Certification: CE
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Features Specifications: MZX-BG-LED fluorescence illuminator

 Stereo Fluorescence Illuminator MZX-BG-LED 

MZX-BG-LED series LED fluorescent illuminator is self-researched by Micro-shot company. It is designed to upgrade stereo microscope to fluorescent functional. The stereo fluorescent microscope is ideal for scientific laboratory GFP and  autofluorescence such as zebrafish,  nematodes, fruit flies and other fluorescent microscopy fields.


Fit to  stereo microscopes

Olympus SZX

Leica M

Zeiss Stemi



Application samples of stereo fluorescence microscope (with linked page)



  • LED light source.    
  • 12W in total, two LED lamps lighting for one filter cube                                       
  • Blue and green excitation groups in one module.
  • Preadjust optical light path.
  • Immediately mount to microscope.
  • Special for GFP is optional.
  •  Professional design and manufacture, high quality fluorescence performance.
  •  Long life time LED lamp, no need to replace, more cost effective than mercury lamp.
  •  6W illumination for each excitation wavelength provide high brightness fluorescence.
  •  No warm-up or darkroom required.
  •  Easy installation and operation fit to Olympus, Leica, Zeiss stereo microscope. 
  • User can enjoy high brightness and pure fluorescence.
  • Providing professional solution for GFP research.
  • Easy to install and operate, one stop solution.
  • No external lamp house, much more convenience to use and stock. 
  • Well fit to Olympus, Leica, Zeiss stereo microscope for high stereo fluorescence requirement users.






MZX-BG-LED fluorescence illuminator

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