MI-BGUV-LED fluorescence illuminator

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: MSHOT
Packaging: BOX
Minimum Order: 1
Supply Ability: 1000
Quality/Safety Certification: CE
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Features Specifications: MI-BGUV-LED fluorescence illuminator

 LED fluorescent illuminator MI-BGUV-LED

MI-BGUV-LED is a fluorescence illuminator in LED light source, it is used to upgrade inverted biological microscope to fluorescence microscope. Special with built-in color LED lamps and modual design, MI-BGUV-LED is well fit to Olympus CKX53 inverted microscope for live cell. On purpose of user friendly , the products is lightweight and small volume. Combine light source, filter sets in one unit.




  •  3W LED light source.
  •  Built-in color LED lamps.
  •  Maximum with three excitation groups.
  •  Light weight and small volume
  •  Combine light source, filter sets in one unit. 
  •  Support observation under bright field and fluorescent.
  •  Transfer observation mode by lever.













Advantages :


  • It is much brighter than 50W halogen lamp and close to 100W mercury.
  • Higher efficiency excitation and much less radiation than mercury lamp.
  • LED lamp has long working life.
  • Immediate use is available.
  • Well matched with Olympus CKX53 without changing original light path.
  • Convenient and easy to transfer observation mode between bright field and fluorescent. 
  • It provides users brighter and pure fluorescence vision.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Start to use and close, no time waiting, improving working efficiency.
  • Less heat dispassion to influence sample.
  • No mercury hamrful an less UV harmful to human.
  • Users can get nice experience when it match to Olympus CKX53.

MI-BGUV-LED fluorescence illuminator

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