Model No: 103-64-0
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Features Specifications: Beta-Bromostyrene

Name:Beta-Bromostyrene, mixture of cis/trans isomers,Bromo-sulphate

Other name:
beta-bromostyrene(cis+trans);Bromostyrenecistrans;Bromostyrol; Bromostyrene;2-Bromovinylbenzene;b-bromostyrene;beta-Bromostyrene,mixture of cis- and trans isomers; Bromstyrol; ; (2-bromoethenyl)benzene; [(E)-2-bromoethenyl]benzene
CAS No:103-64-0 
EINECS No:203-131-3
Molar volume:183.0452(m3/mol)
Melting point:7℃ (lit.)
Flash Point(C) :102 °C
Appearance: Light Yellow Liquid 
Fragrance: Unique Scent 
Purity: 98%min 
Boiling Point: 219-220 Degree C 
Refractive Index (20 Degree C ): 1.604-1.608 
Specific Gravity (20 Degree C ): 1.422-1.426 
Packing: 200kg/plastic Drum
Usage: Thick aroma of thick thorns and powerful astringent, sweet cream with fragrant leaves diluted with hyacinth and aroma, the aroma does not stay long. A representative product of a halogenated hydrocarbon perfume, which is not naturally present, is artificially synthesized. Also used lilac, narcissus, daffodil, sunflower, sweet curry, Hong Wei and other flavor in the.The fragrance of this product is not the top grade, so the high-grade flavor is not used, but because of its moderate price, it is often used as a soap flavor.
β-Bromostyrene was used in the one-pot method for the preparation of cinnamonitriles.It was also used in the preparation of pure ethyl Z- and E-α,α-difluoro-4-phenyl-3-butenoate and 1,3-diphenyl-1-butene. It may be used in the synthesis of β-tert-butylstyrene via cross coupling reaction with tert-butylmagnesium chloride in the presence of dichloro[1,1′-bis(diphenylphosphino)ferrocene]nickel(II) catalyst.It may also be used to prepare γ-but-2-enolactone by reacting with nickel carbonyl in the presence of alkynes.


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