6 channle telephone optical transceiver

Model No: ZMUX-08S-6
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Features Specifications: 6 channle telephone optical transceiver

product description

ZMUX-08S-6 is a plug-in type 6-channel integrated telephone optical transceiver. It mainly completes multi-service access such as telephone, audio, data and image. It can realize multi-service signal point-to-point communication function by multiplexing to 1 channel optical signal transmission.

ZMUX-08S-6 adopts modular design and dedicated digital multiplex chip. It has easy installation, no adjustment, real-time synchronization, no distortion, high quality, and integrated circuit design, which significantly improves product performance and reduces cost.

ZMUX-08S-6 This device can expand up to 8 general service slots and 1 Ethernet dedicated slot. It can be equipped according to the customer's requirements and services. It is especially suitable for small capacity sites. The machine has excellent performance and stable operation. Reliable, low power consumption, high integration, small size, easy to install and maintain.

The ZMUX-08S-6 device is a small box chassis that can be placed on a desktop or installed in a 19-inch cabinet. Cost-effective, can effectively support users' current business needs, reduce system input costs, and provide customers with economical and efficient solutions.


Simple installation and maintenance: Small box chassis, 1U high, can be placed on the desktop, optional rack mounting ears, mounted to a 19-inch cabinet, RJ45 crystal head design.

Scalable design: Modular structure with 8 universal module slots and 1 Ethernet dedicated slot, which can be mixed with various interfaces and function modules to meet current application requirements and future expansion requirements to replace or add corresponding modules. Thereby achieving an economical and flexible solution.

Safe and flexible design: 1 daughter card module corresponds to 1 service port, each module works independently, the fault does not affect each other, the daughter card module supports mixed insertion, and can be assembled according to customer business requirements.

There are many types of services: optional FXO/FXS, 2/4 line E&M, asynchronous/synchronous RS232, asynchronous/synchronous RS422, RS485, 10/100BASE-T, E1, V.21/V.22, V.24, V. 34, switching, CAN bus, magnet phone, hotline, V.35, G.703 same direction 64k.

Optical port: Optional double fiber or single fiber.

Transmission distance: Optional 40km/60km/80km/100km.

Power supply: Optional AC220V or DC-48V or AC220V + DC-48V.


6 channle telephone optical transceiver

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