Bebaru virus MM 2354 antigen

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Features Specifications: Bebaru virus MM 2354 antigen

This virus is classified in the BSL 2 category. This Bebaru virus[MM 2354-MM 2354.] is preserved under Viral Storage Medium -80C.Tests for the presence of mycoplasmae were negative. In biology and immunology, an alphavirus belongs to the group IV Togaviridae family of viruses, according to the system of classification based on viral genome composition introduced by David Baltimore in 1971. Alphaviruses, like all other group IV viruses have a positive sense, single-stranded RNA genome. There are thirty alphaviruses able to infect various vertebrates such as humans, rodents, fish, birds, and larger mammals such as horses as well as invertebrates. Transmission between species and individuals occurs mainly via mosquitoes making the alphaviruses a contributor to the collection of Arboviruses – or Arthropod-Borne Viruses. Alphaviruses particles are enveloped, have a 70 nm diameter, tend to be spherical (although slightly pleomorphic), and have a 40 nm isometric nucleocapsid.


Bebaru virus MM 2354 antigen

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